TJ’s Nutcrackers have now been manufacturing what has become Australia’s Greatest Macadamia Nutcracker, for over 20 years and we continue to grow each year. Here’s our story.

The original mock up designs of the Macadamia Nutcracker were created by an elderly man from country Queensland using second hand materials and parts salvaged from old cars and machinery. Although in those days the finished product was a bit of an eyesore, we could see the potential and immediately joined forces to take this great invention to the next level.

In the infant stages of production, we were lucky to be able to assemble more than 5 Nutcrackers a week as everything was done by hand, and was very time intensive. After sourcing new tools, new machinery and new materials we had transformed the Nutcracker in to an attractive, sturdy and incredibly functional device that quickly became a ‘must have’ in all households.

As years went by a lot of thought went in to how we could streamline production, reduce labor costs, or source alternative materials , we even had offers for partnerships to mass produce our product using cheaper materials, but in the end, we were left with a decision to make, and we chose quality over quantity.

Today, with a lifetime warranty, we have confidence in our product and we know it is good for constant use by children and the less able, and it can ‘withstand the test of time’.

(n.b. The lifetime warranty is available in Australia and selected countries but only for the original ’standard’ cracker.)

See the following newspaper article from a few years ago

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